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Bringing my passion for writing in music & film.

Experiencing Life Through the Music of Giacomo Puccini as a Soprano

"It is impossible to leave an operatic performance of Italian composer Giacomo Puccini without being completely and utterly emotionally and spiritually - entangled, ensnared, intertwining in glorious, mellifluous and dramatic music that is enveloped in intricate poetry of carefully thought-out libretto -- to connect us all through body, mind and soul..."

~Lusila Mazi, author for MIAMEATALY January 2021 edition

Immortality of Opera through Giuseppe Verdi & Maria Callas

"The immortality of art is the labour of love that artists submit to. Artists are creatures of dedication and sacrifice, and they spend hours each day striving for that one moment of excellence, and dare I say perfection, to bring effortlessly onto the stage, yet it has been meticulously and carefully calculated well beforehand. Should artists be lucky to reach an artistic moment of excellence and absolute perfection on stage which is rare, since it can be akin to walking a very fine tight rope, the receiving of the audience of that moment is the end game..."

~By Lusila Mazi, author for MIAMEATALY edition Nov-Dec 2022


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